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Design and Pattern

Designs usually arrive to us already in a tech pack. We also welcome drawings or a sample of your own if you prefer and we can work from these to create your patterns. The process of pattern making, pattern placement and size grading is taken care of by our Production Technicians. The patterns are created on the most up to date software and CAD programs to ensure a perfect outcome including the size grading. With the aid of computer software, pattern placement is also important at this stage to eliminate wastage and elevated costs. This is the basis of the final garment. From the new pattern we make up prototypes, culminating in a canvas sample ready for production. This is a vital step as you are able to check the ‘finished’ product before we start cutting, and any desired or necessary tweaks to your design happens at this stage.


The manufacturing process is the hub of Coax; where designs take shape and come to life as a finished product. We have a 0 (zero) MOQ policy as every manufacture process is diverse, and so are your production requirements. Ametlab produces samples and clothing lines for women and girls. At the same time we welcome production for menswear and boys as well as accessories including bags and shoes, which we can oversee with our specialist partners in the area. The pieces we produce are a made in Romania stamp.  As part of production we can also source your fabrics and trims. Quality control on all goods from the raw materials to the finished pieces plus the attention to details and the finishes are particularly important to us, as is having a centralized control over all the production processes. For these reasons, you can be assured of the highest results on your production, and it is this that elevates Ametlab from its competitors.

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The logistics and supply chain for Coax covers all aspects of pre to post-production; from the purchase of raw materials to final quality controls and shipping. Our internal logistic management team will support your purchase of fabrics and trims if required.

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